ACTIS represents exclusively in Greece since 2003 SCAMAX document scanners. SCAMAX document scanners are made by the German company INOTEC Gmbh and are used extensively for document imaging projects in many companies worldwide. ACTIS also undertakes the maintenance and technical support of the scanners in Greece and has at its disposal a spare part storage facility and trained technical staff.

SCAMAX document scanners feature excellent manufacturing quality and ergonomic design, in order to respond to the increased demands of imaging solutions. SCAMAX document scanners are used for professional electronic archiving, document management and document imaging projects and meet the following prerequisites:
  • Fast and reliable processing of various document types and sizes - even for old, creased, or torn apart documents
  • Minimal hardware maintenance demands
  • Ergonomic design, durable and simple in their operation
  • Maximum image quality
  • Maximum material quality
  • Uninterrupted operation for 24 h a day usage with the maximum possible document volume
  • Easy integration with a variety of operating systems and platforms

International SCAMAX Installations

Many international corporations, banks, insurance organizations and management departments of large organizations choose SCAMAX document scanners to process huge volumes of documents in the shortest possible time frame. Some of these are the following:
Marfin Egnatia Bank ARAG Insurance United Health Insurance Deutsche Bank 24 ING Bank Netherlands
Audi BMW Daimler Chrysler Volksbank Globus
Siemens VW Volkswagen Klingel Australian Taxation Office Taxation Office Moscow
Lidl Praktiker Spar City of Stuttgart System Alliance United Logistic
Deutsche Post Deutsche Post Direkt Praktiker Hellas Praktiker Turkey International Life


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