ACTIS offers services adapted to the dynamic needs of the customer and enter into specific work and services contracts. The services offered include in more detail:

Initial feasibility study

ACTIS undertakes feasibility studies concerning document imaging solutions for the clients, aiming at the automated mass entry of the documents into the customer's electronic system.

Document Imaging

ACTIS undertakes consistently, diligently and without delay the digitization of old and daily customer files within ACTIS's or the customer's premises. ACTIS can also rent the imaging solution to the customer, using its personnel or alternatively the customer can use its own personnel. Finally, ACTIS can provide advisory services, training and support services for as long as the customer conducts document imaging.

Advisory Services

ACTIS can provide advisory services through its specialized staff with extensive experience in this area, during the creation of customer documents, in order to simplify the procedure of imaging and transmitting these documents into the customer's system.


ACTIS can also provide training services for the document imaging procedure, in case a customer wishes to undertake the document imaging utilizing his/her own personnel.

Technical support - maintenance

ACTIS can provide support and maintenance for the Document Imaging solutions, on the basis of Technical Support Contracts with its clients.

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