The need

It is a fact that companies and organizations, which can improve the quality of their information processing ability can respond faster and better to their customers.

Problems we solve:
  • Time consuming and costly searches of physical & electronic records from various sources.

  • Cost of storage of physical records.

  • Time consuming processes during the management of different file types.

  • Storage of the same information at different places.

  • Lack of security during the document preservation over time.

  • Danger of information loss and/or corruption.

  • Inability to make backups.

  • Time delay in task completion and unsatisfactory customer service.

The solutions we offer:

  • Integrated Content Management Solutions - comprising the initial feasibility study, provision, installation, configuration, training and support of the following solutions:

    • Document imaging
    • Electronic Archiving
    • Document management
Our solutions can be expanded rapidly and can be integrating in the customer's existing applications.

Benefits from Knowledge Management Solutions:

  • Easy and permanent access to the file by more than one certified individuals at the same time.

  • The ability to print and/or copy the information in part or in whole.

  • Low cost preservation of files over a long time period.

  • File security in regards to third-party access.

  • File security in regards to third-party changes.

  • Reduction in file storage space.

  • Reduction of the document search and retrieval cost.

  • Reduction of the document search and retrieval time.

  • Improvement in competitiveness.

  • Immediate customer support.

  • Reduction in the response time to the customer.

  • Improvement in employee productivity. This is a result of the work conditions: work task automation, faster communication, a more comfortable and pleasant working environment.

  • Reduction in operating expenses.
ACTIS provides specialized solutions, which address the real issues of knowledge management for a company and at the same time are non-intrusive to the existing work pace.
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